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Dinosaur VertebraThe Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology acts as a center for paleontological education and research by maintaining and continually expanding its outstanding collection of over 140,000 specimens. The fossil collections consist of vertebrate, invertebrate, plant, and trackway specimens, as well as many other miscellaneous specimens. The museum's fossil trackway collection is widely recognized as one of the largest and most diverse in the nation. The museum's collections serve as the focal point of research and the source for exhibit and teaching specimens employed in education and public outreach, and are available for study to qualified investigators through loan or by visiting the museum. The museum employs a computer database management system where the collections are organized stratigraphically.

Examples of important holdings include:

•  Precambrian specimens from the Bass Limestone (Arizona).
•  Permian vertebrate and invertebrate trackways from the Coconino Sandstone (Arizona).
•  Late Cretaceous vertebrates from the Kaiparowits Formation (Utah).
•  Miocene vertebrates and tracks from the Barstow Formation (California). This track collection contains many unique specimens, including a trackway of Amphicyon.
•  Mammals and tortoises from the White River Group (Chadron and Brule Formations) of Wyoming, Nebraska, and South Dakota.
•  Early Jurassic dinosaur tracks from the Moenave Formation (Utah).
•  Late Cretaceous and early Paleocene vertebrates from eastern Montana (Hell Creek and Tullock Formations).
•  Mammal tracks from the Avawatz Formation (California).
•  Paleocene mammals from the Goler Formation (California).

Over 95% of the museum’s specimens were found by staff and Webb students on Peccary trips, as the museum's acquisitions focus has always emphasized field exploration and discovery.

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