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Peccary Society

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The Peccary Society is the exploration and research arm of the museum and includes alumni of The Webb Schools, current students, and museum friends and supporters. The Peccary Society was created in 1936 when Ray Alf and students went to the Mojave Desert in search of fossils and unearthed a complete skull of a peccary, or fossil pig. The skull was later identified as a new species by Caltech paleontologist Chester Stock. This important discovery inspired Alf to dedicate himself to a career in paleontology as well as teaching. For many decades, Alf shared his interest in paleontology with his students by leading fossil-collecting expeditions, or peccary trips, where students were exposed to fossils in the field. The students who accompanied Alf on these excursions became part of the Peccary Society. This tradition continues today, as current Webb students accompany museum staff on peccary trips and are thus inducted into the ranks of the Peccary Society.

Today the Peccary Society is alive and well because of the hundreds of alumni, current students, and friends that actively participate in and support this important field-oriented museum program. The Peccary Society offers field programs for Webb students and special peccary trips for alumni and museum friends. The museum also hosts an annual Peccary Society Dinner at which alumni and friends gather to celebrate the museum's continued success, learn about current museum projects, and listen to presentations by world-renowned paleontologists (see below). The dynamic student component of the society promotes student involvement in the museum’s programs. The most active students are recognized annually as Roger Peccary Scholars. For students, high school lasts four years; Peccary Society memberships last a lifetime!

Peccary Society Annual Dinner
Each fall, the museum schedules an annual Peccary Society Dinner where trustees, staff, alumni, parents, and others gather to celebrate the only accredited paleontology museum on a secondary school campus in the world. Along with a reception and dinner, there is a program featuring a presentation by a world-renowned paleontologist.

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